What is METEOR?
METEOR is an international research database capturing daily practice data of patients with a clinical diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis or spondyloarthritis worldwide.

Why would I contribute?
METEOR is useful for all physicians who want to improve daily care of RA and SpA patients by contributing to research or by performing research. By completing all information in METEOR you follow all EULAR guidelines for data capturing. The database is designed by rheumatologists for ease of use and clinical accuracy.
Furthermore, METEOR offers opportunities for international collaborations, is supported by top researchers in the field and has a large international daily practice research database available.

How can I contribute?
If you want to contribute to METEOR, you can request an account to add data using our website: www.meteorapplication.com
Data can be added by uploading data from existing electronic health record systems, registries or research databases. Alternatively, data can be added by completing one of our digital PDF files RA or SpA data entry. These PDF files can be uploaded at our website. The PDF files and a user guide are available on the website as well. 

How can I create an account?
You will receive a METEOR account if you: 
·       Appoint a METEOR contact person in your hospital
·       Send an email to
info@meteorfoundation.com with
·       The exact name of the hospital, the address and telephone number
·       The name and email address of the contact person
. The choice between upload from an existing system or by digital PDF files

What if I already use a patient registration system?
If you already have a patient registration system in which you can satisfactorily monitor your patients, you might want to avoid a double entry burden. You can contribute to the METEOR research database by uploading data from existing registries/patient registration systems. Predefined Excel and XML files are available for data upload, including a clear user guide. For more information, please look at the Research Database page.

Is Helpdesk support available?
Yes, you can mail your question to: helpdesk@meteorfoundation.com and you will receive support during office hours.

Which protection steps for METEOR data have been taken?
We acknowledge the importance of security and confidentiality.
All data that is entered into METEOR is anonymised. We have no link to the original patient identity.
To safeguard transfer of patient data the following measures have been taken:  

·       SSL certificate, which means a secure website
·       Norton secured seal
·       Two-step authorisation with password and Google authenticate.

What about intellectual property?
Every participating hospital owns its own data and can at any time download and use these data for research purposes.

Can someone else see my data?
No, data can only be used for research purposes after approval of a research protocol by the METEOR board and the METEOR executive scientific committee. The METEOR executive scientific committee exists of representatives of different hospitals contributing to METEOR.

What is the address of METEOR?
METEOR, P.O. Box 9600, 2300 RC Leiden, The Netherlands
Telephone Sytske Anne Bergstra: +31 71 526 1425


 "We looked at various privacy and medical research laws in relation to the METEOR tool and because the tool uses anonymous data, these data are collected in the course of regular treatments and therefore in most countries does not trigger any specific legal obligations. However, in a few countries the data transfer requires compliance to certain specific legal obligations, such as the use of an informed consent form*."

Polo G. van der Putt, Solicitor, Lovells LLP, Amsterdam






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